Construction Process

  1. Select your location and check zoning.
  2. Select your contactor.
  3. Share all plans and ideas (Even Dreams, some can work magic) with you contractor.
  4. Get a budget range set with contractor.
  5. Get survey, engineering, septic design, and energy calcs.
  6. Now we can set a hard budget and sign a contract.

Below is a rough outline of the construction process.

  1. After all the above is complete your contractor can apply for permits.
  2. After permits are issued order all materials and clear the lot.
  3. Build pad/ rough plumbing and drill well. Do not forget any in slab electric.
  4. Pour slab.
  5. Erect building/ Frame interior/ Set windows and doors
  6. MEP Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing
  7. Once you pass inspections Insulate then get that inspected.
  8. Drywall, Paint, interior doors, and trim.
  9. Cabinets and tops followed by flooring and plumbing trim.
  10. Ac trim and Electric trim.
  11. Hardware then final paint and clean.
  12. Final inspections and CO.

This is just a rough outline designed to give some guidance and does not cover every step of the construction process.

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