Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does It Cost to Build a Barndominium?
A. This is a moving target due to inflation and our current pricing is about $200 a sqft for a turn key build including well and septic.

Q. How Do I Get a Price?
A. Send us your engineered plans along with energy calculations, as well as the address of the building site.

Q. How Do I Get Engineering?
A. There are 2 ways…
You can find a plan you like online, purchase it, and send it to us along with the authorization key.
Send us your hand drawn plan with dimensions.
With either of the above-mentioned options, we will have to send it to our engineer for stamped engineering. The engineer will also need your land survey to complete this. Other information the engineer needs are the overall dimensions, kinds and sizes of doors and windows, wall height, and kind of roof.

Q. How Much Does Engineering Cost?
A. $1.20 per square foot. For this price you will receive an engineered set of plans stamped by a Florida engineer. We will use the plans not only for bidding, but also to pull permits and to build the home.
Our engineer will also support us through the permitting process in case there is any further clarification needed.

Q. What If I Want to Change the Design After the Engineering Is Done?
A. Non-structural changes such as interior walls or making a window slightly bigger or smaller is no big deal. Structural changes, however, will require a fee based on how big the change is.

Q. How Long Is the Process?
A. wood structure: 8-12 months
Tube steel: 10-14 months
Red Iron: 14-24 months

If you have any more questions, please give us a call at (850) 800-6514 or fill out the form below.

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